To Prevent Leakage in The House, Do This Tips

To Prevent Leakage in The House, Do This Tips

For some people, the fence can give a unique character to the house. However, there also some people prefer to make a character through the roof design. Well, to make your roof stay with it a good look, clean your roof regularly.

The roof has its own value in the house. In addition to beautifying the shape of the building, the presence of the roof also has an important function as a protector of the house from exposure to wind, heat, or rain.

Nowadays, there are a variety of roof variations offered by property companies. Starting from the gable, shield, or the combination of both. This will make you even more confused about choosing which one. Although the roof has many variations, you still have to be careful in choosing it. Especially when the rainy season comes, if the roof does not function properly there will be a leak. If your house leaks, contact Southern Cross Roofing immediately. Sydney re-roofing company is ready to help you overcome the roof problem.

Here are some problems that can cause leakage in your home.

  • First, a lack of attention to the roof slope construction design. Supposedly, the roof of the house has a minimum angle of 30 degrees so that the water can flow smoothly. Do not let the level of the slope exceeds the minimum standard. If the slope level is more than 30 degrees, then the tile will easily slide.
  • Second, installation errors and carelessness. Bad installation of tile makes the roof has a cavity that invites the arrival of water in the rainy season. Installing the roof using less cement will also trigger water seepage down.
  • Third, the selection of materials used. The use of roofing sheets such as asbestos, fiber cement, ardex, asphalt is better compared to materials such as clay tile, concrete tile, ceramic. This is because, the inter-field cavity of asbestos material gives a slope tolerance of fewer than 30 degrees, so that water will still be able to flow smoothly.
  • Fourth, natural conditions. Changes in heat and cold constantly will make the cover material changed. Small cracks on the roof of the house can cause water to enter. The more it is left, the more water seeps will make the seep worse

Therefore, use a roof with a strong base, so that your home does not leak. You should have prepared the roof with a strong foundation and a model that is not only attractive but also functional

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