Tips for Renting a Wedding Tent

Tips for Renting a Wedding Tent

Before holding a wedding, it turns out that many things need to be prepared, one of which is the melbourne marquee hire. Wedding tents have an important role when you are having an outdoor party. It is important at the time the weather was not very supportive. The main function of the tent is to anticipate the weather conditions that will occur during the wedding.

Carefully planned in choosing a wedding tent so that the events that take place can run smoothly. Also, pay attention to lighting, flooring, transportation costs, installation costs, and dismantling costs.

Therefore, here are tips on renting a tent if you choose an outdoor wedding:

• Conduct surveys of tent rental sites in your area

Before you get married, it’s a good idea to survey tent rental places in your area first. You need to do this because not all tent rental places have various tent in different shapes that following your wishes.

• Determine the type of tent

In determining the type of tent, adjusted it with the wedding theme.

• Determine the size of the tent

To determine the size of the tent, it must be adjusted to the number of guests present. The size of the tent must be bigger than the target invitation because the tent will also fill with the buffet table and also the guest chair.

• Determine location

During the rainy season, it would be nice if you choose a location higher than the surrounding land if, at any time it rains, the water does not create a small pool in the location. If the terrain is not flat, you can use plastic or plywood floors.

• Determine the color of the tent

Color selection must be adjusted to the theme taken. Usually, the color of the tent is combined with wedding decorations.

Now a lot of wedding tent decoration company that offer a variety of shapes, models, and colors of wedding tents that vary. Before deciding to rent a wedding tent, you need to consider what tent is right for your wedding

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