The reasons to choose a shipping service from Tecdis

The reasons to choose a shipping service from Tecdis

There are many freight forwarding services to choose from. Due to a large number of company exist, you need to choose the best service carefully. Of the many expeditionary services, only a few of them give you the best service to fulfill your needs. One example is the expedition service from Tecdis.

As a credible freight forwarding expedition, Tecdis is highly recommended for you. To be sure, here are some reasons why you should choose Tecdis:

The existence of goods insurance services

The process of shipping goods is indeed very risky especially if the sending is overseas. When traveling goods, you understand that your goodwill is vulnerable to damage and loss. Even though they have provided additional information on the goods, the potential for damaged or missing items remains. Damage or loss of goods when shipping can be caused by technical and non-technical factors of the shipping service.

As a professional freight forwarder, Tecdis strives to minimize this possibility. The trick is to employ professional and competent courier officers in logistics. Also, Tecdis Network has access to various cities in the UK, such as Ashford, Manchester, Glasgow, etc.

Wide operational area

The first reason you should choose a shipping service from Tecdis is because this service has a wide operational area. The vast operational area of ​​the expedition company covers the entire territory of Indonesia. Thus, no matter where the destination address for the shipment of goods is, the shipping service is always willing to send it.

Aside from the vast area of ​​goods shipping operations, this expedition service also has branches or subsidiaries in various cities. So, when you want to use the services of Tecdis, you can visit this branch of the company that is spread in various cities. When you don’t know the branch office, you can search through the search engine or visit the official website at

Provides moving services

Tecdis offered its customers complete services. Yes, this expedition service does not only provide freight forwarding services throughout the country. This expedition service also provides moving goods services for the United Kingdom and surrounding areas.

So, when you want to move goods but don’t want to bother spending a lot of energy, then using the services of an expedition is the solution. Tecdis offers a variety of vehicle fleets. Ranging from pickup type vehicles for small goods to trucks to accommodate large quantities. The amount of rental fee that you pay is still relatively normal because it is calculated based on the type of vehicle and duration.

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