Inspiring Beautiful Ceramic Stairs for Your Home

Inspiring Beautiful Ceramic Stairs for Your Home

Ceramics have become a popular material for coating various parts of the house such as floors, walls, and stairs. Ceramic material is the first choice because it can provide comfort and easy to clean. Choosing a ceramic model for the floor can be likened to giving soul to your home, as well as choosing a ceramic staircase. Not just a link between floors, stairs can be an interesting angle if you choose the right ceramic stairs. The following inspirations from Homify will help you choose a beautiful and artistic staircase. If you want to buy floor tiles online, please visit the website

Before deciding to choose the ceramic staircase, make sure you read the first some recommendations from Homify below. Don’t choose the wrong ceramic stairs, because you will continue to live at home together with the ladder. Also talk about your choice of ceramic stairs to all resident’s houses, so that each occupant can feel comfortable with the design of the selected ceramic stairs.

Here we present some ideas for the design of ceramic stairs, ranging from the simplest to those that can refresh your eyes.

1. Ceramic stairs with matching motif

If you already have an elegant ceramic motif, then it would not harm to you using the same ceramic for the stairs in your home. The result will still be beautiful and elegant, it can even give a luxury impression.

2. Minimalist ceramic stairs

Houses with minimalist designs generally have a simple ceramic motif. But simple does not mean boring. Ceramics on stairs in a minimalist home can be enhanced by giving a different color but still one motif with ceramics room.

3. Modern ceramic stairs

Ceramics with modern designs have their charm. Combine modern motif with a plain motif on your stairs, then the corners of your stairs will become more attractive and vivid.

4. Ceramic stairs with a classic touch

If you want to give different colors to the stairs, but do not want to be too crowded, choose ceramic with your favorite classic motif. Then attach the tile to one of the ladder areas to beautify your stairs. As a result, your stairs look simple but beautiful.

5. Various motives of ceramic stairs

Try a little experimenting by combining various types of the ceramic motif in one set of stairs, like this one. Each step is not uniform, but instead makes this staircase unique and can be used for instagramable spot.

6. Ceramic stairs well-suited with ceramic walls

If your house has walls that are also coated with ceramic, fit the ceramic motif on the wall with ceramics for stairs. Then let the floor tiles have a different motive. Are you confused to determine the suitable paired? Just consult with professionals at homify!

7. Ceramic stairs combined with other materials

Ceramics can be coupled with other materials and remain attractive. For example, just wood material like in this one staircase. Besides wood, you can also use other materials such as bricks, cement, or even glass. But before using this way, make sure other materials used are still in aligned with the overall interior design of your home.

8. Ceramic mosaic stairs

This ceramic is composed of several small ceramic pieces. You can be even more creative in creating this mosaic with a variety of colors and shapes. It will be interesting if you can design the mosaic yourself because your ladder will be unique without being matched.

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