Getting to know the Main Tasks of the Event Organizer

Getting to know the Main Tasks of the Event Organizer

You heard often about the terms of event organizers or called EO, right? Event Organizer is a service provider that designs, organizes, and controls an event. Not every event needs the help of EO. There are several different types of Event Organizer that you need to know. For more details, let’s read this article below!

Type of Event Organizer (EO)

Event organizers are needed so that events that are held run smoothly as planned. The grouping of the event organizers based on the scale and type of event they made. To find out each type of event organizer will be mentioned as follows:

One-Stop Service Agency EO

One-Stop Service Agency provides full organizer services. It means everything needed for an event is the responsibility of the event organizer agency. From the place/venue, decoration, and other things according to the request of the customer. The capacity in organizing events is large, such as international events.


Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE), the target market of this type of event organizer are corporate event planner, professionals, and corporations in organizing their events. But MICE does not only organize formal and professional events. Incentive-themed events organized by MICE are usually pure entertainment, such as party events after the company’s targets have been achieved and the kind.

Brand Activation

The purpose of this event is the promotion of the newest product or increasing brand awareness of the company. In this event, the company gets full attention in doing the promotion, also the company can do the interaction directly in introducing their products.

Music and Entertainment

It’s easy to guess what types of events are organized by the event organizer. Music, carnivals, cultural festivals, and other entertainment events.


Event Organizer who takes care of the client’s wedding party. In Indonesia, a wedding is one of the important things in someone’s life. The event organizer will try as best as possible so that his client’s wedding party be memorable and the best experience in his life.


Not all birthday party require the services of an EO, only several large scale birthday party that requires the services of an EO. Usually, the 17th and18th birthday party that has a big celebration, because at that ages are often interpreted that the children have grown up.

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