Entering the rainy season, there are two things to look out for at home, the flood and the leak of the roof at home. The leakage problem happened when the rainy season arrives. This problem must be overcome immediately in the rainy season as well because if you wait until the rainy season finished, the leaks will be difficult to detect.

Here are the solutions to overcome leakage in your home

1. Using Water Proofing

The term waterproof is already very familiar. Starting from the affairs of cosmetics to buildings there, this term is everywhere. This leaky roof can be overcome by using waterproofing layers that have a liquid or powder form.

By using the Rust Inhibitor Primary paint that is only sold at Sydney Roofing Building Supplies, you can coat various parts of the house that have cracks such as swimming pools, terraces, roofs, and others. Sydney Roofing Building Supplies is a roofing supply Sydney company that offers a variety of roofs, ranging from stone roofs, Terracotta, Concrete, and Metal with good quality.

How to prevent it

You need to check the roof or walls and other parts of your house that have experienced leaks before or that have the potential to leak during the rainy season.

2. Designing a Sloping Roof

Sometimes houses are made horizontally and not tilted. However, the condition of the building like this can make rainwater stuck. This roof model makes it difficult for the rainwater to flow. This puddle of rainwater on the roof is the forerunner of leaks. It can cause water to seep up to the inside of the wall and finally drip in the house.

How to prevent it

Designing the sloping roof is a solution to the seepage of rain into the house on the roof. By designing the sloping roof, the rainwater can go down directly so that it will not be obstructed on the roof and cause leakage.

3. Checking the Composition of the Mixture During the Casting Process

Part of the house that leaks generally occurs on the roof of the house. The cracked part of the wall is also another reason to create seepage. Crack wall not only makes the house look unpretty but also makes the house damp. Therefore the mixture composition when building the house needs extra attention.

How to prevent it

For those of you who are still planning to build a house, you should pay attention to each part perfectly. If your home already has the budget, make sure it can cover everything.

4. Nailing up the Stake

The part of the roof of the house that is leaking is usually not only caused by its design. Sometimes the precarious section has a shift that causes seepage and leak on the wall. This usually arises if the installing is not right so that the tiles are shifted. By nailing the precarious part that is the source of the leaky roof, the problem will be solved.

How to prevent it

Whether that often changes can certainly cause a critical shift in the roof. Especially if your house experiences strong winds and you hear the shifting precarious sound.

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